Nano Alpha Technology

Gamakatsu Nano Alpha.  A new revolutionary finish.  Now available in our most popular hook styles.

Gamakatsu Nano Alpha technology raises the bar in what was previously unattainable in hook manufacturing.  Nano Alpha represents a paradigm shift in hook performance with increased penetration and corrosion resistance.  Nano Alpha sets a new standard and stays true to our ongoing commitment of “Innovation not Imitation”.

Key Nano Alpha Hook Technology:

  • 2X Better hook penetration: Nano Alpha features an exceptionally smooth surface which increases penetration by two times over standard plated hooks. Hooks penetrate quicker and much deeper than standard finishes.  Anglers will quickly see a much higher hook to land ratio not previously seen in other finishes.
  • 4X Better Corrosion Resistance: Nano Alpha technology provides superior corrosion resistance over standard hook coatings. Nano Alpha prolongs the life of the hook which ensures peak performance in both freshwater and saltwater environments.  Nano Alpha’s corrosion resistance measures four times more effective than traditional plating.

Corrosion Resistant Nano Alpha Coating