Assist 540 Double Bait Plus (2 Pack)


Gamakatsu Design Features

Barbs on ShankBarb on Shank
Circle HookCircle Hook
Extra Wide GapEWG - Extra Wide Gap
Hole EyeHole Eye
Magic EyeMagic Eye
Off-set PointOff-set Point
Open EyeOpen Eye
Titanium WeedguardTitanium Weedguard
Welded EyeWelded Eye
Wire KeeperWire Keeper
Finesse SeriesFinesse Series

For light tackle, micro jigging in saltwater, and vertical jig fishing for bass, Gamakatsu developed the new Assist 540 Double Bait Plus. For added attraction, Gamakatsu utillized a fish skin dressing. Each flashes just like your favorite sabiki rig, drawing strikes from the most reluctant fish. The leader is shorter on one side to increase visibility of each hook for maximum drawing power. This also further decreases the possibility of tangles, even with themost vigorous jigging techniques.


  • Light tackle design for micro jigging in saltwater and vertical jig fishing for bass
  • Fish skin dressing on the hooks adds attraction and triggers strikes from finicky fish
  • Rigged with 80 pound test polyethylene braided line
  • Smooth, welded stainless steel ring eliminates wear on the leader providing added strength and unimpeded motion
  • Long side leader length: .5/8 inch
  • Short side leader length: 1/8 inch
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