Octopus Circle 4x Strong, Straight Eye (Inline-point), TOURNAMENT LEGAL


Gamakatsu Design Features

Barbs on ShankBarb on Shank
Circle HookCircle Hook
Extra Wide GapEWG - Extra Wide Gap
Hole EyeHole Eye
Magic EyeMagic Eye
Off-set PointOff-set Point
Open EyeOpen Eye
Titanium WeedguardTitanium Weedguard
Welded EyeWelded Eye
Wire KeeperWire Keeper
Finesse SeriesFinesse Series

To comply with new angling regulations in the Gulf of Mexico, we’ve redesigned and reinforced our most popular circle hook. The 4X Strong Circle Hook is built for the toughest battles in the deep sea. The straight eye, NS Black finish and inline point (not offset) complies with the new rules, but doesn’t reduce the hook’s effectiveness. This is the new “go-to” hook charter captains and professional anglers are using for deep dropping and reef and wreck fishing. Heavy up your rods, reels and line, because the 4X Strong Circle Hook will never give up when it comes to pulling snapper and monster grouper out of their fortified hangouts.

Color: NS Black

Nano Alpha technology features a slick coating that provides 2x better hook penetration and 4x better corrosion resistance than traditional finishes. Now available in our most popular hook styles. Learn more

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