Spiral Z


Gamakatsu Design Features

Barbs on ShankBarb on Shank
Circle HookCircle Hook
Extra Wide GapEWG - Extra Wide Gap
Hole EyeHole Eye
Magic EyeMagic Eye
Off-set PointOff-set Point
Open EyeOpen Eye
Titanium WeedguardTitanium Weedguard
Welded EyeWelded Eye
Wire KeeperWire Keeper
Finesse SeriesFinesse Series

The Spiral Z is built around a stainless-steel wire with colored beads in a variety of colors for attraction and a ball-bearing line swivel to eliminate line twist. Unlike a traditional spinner where the blade rotates on a clevis, with the Spiral Z, the entire package rotates, creating an undulating lifelike meal for gamefish of every species. Anglers can add their favorite hook to the end, or it can also be used as an attractor by rigging it any distance in front of a favorite lure.

Product Features:

  • Can be used as an attractor or a lure
  • Ball-bearing swivel to prevent line twist
  • Unique rotating action to attract a wide variety of fish species
  • Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Chartreuse, Nickel, Gold
  • Qty/Pkg: 1
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Chartreuse, Gold, Nickel, Orange, Pink, Red

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